Founded in 1954.
Active in Poland since 2011.

Over the last seven decades we’ve grown from a family business in County Louth, Ireland, to become one of the world’s leading food production companies.

It’s our commitment to quality and our determination to surpass expectations that has earned us our position at the forefront of the meat industry.

ABP Food Group was founded in 1954 and made its first venture into the UK food industry in 1981. Since then, we’ve gone from strength to strength, working with some of the biggest names in retail and food service, and some of the most forward-thinking experts from across the agricultural industry.

We first entered the Polish market in 2011 with a site in Pniewy. In 2014 we acquired a second site in Kłosowice and after experiencing rapid growth, we have added a third in Tykocin. In just five years, we’ve grown our business through investment and hard work, building close working relationships with both customers and suppliers.