Why choose
ABP Poland?

At ABP Poland, we are committed to upholding the highest possible standards of quality, value, integrity and service.

These principles are deeply embedded in our company culture, so our customers and our suppliers can rely on us for excellence across the entire business.

We will never compromise on quality. As a key foundation of our business, all of our operations, processes and innovations are dedicated to the consistent delivery of quality for our customers.

We work with efficiency, both in terms of labour and material resources, ensuring that we deliver products and services that represent genuine value, which can be passed on to the end-consumer.

We passionately believe in the integrity of our products and operations – and we always will. Our meat is sustainably reared and completely traceable. Our processes are lean and transparent.

Customer service
Whatever the service, impeccable customer relations is a constant. Whether it’s internal training or technological investments, we believe in doing all we can to deliver a high quality of service.